Standard Translation

Our standard translations cost from USD 0.11 per word and can be delivered within 12-24 hours depending on your urgency.

60+ available languages

We can provide accurate translations in more than 60 languages.

Fast delivery

We are able to provide a same day service.

All document lengths

We will accept translations of documents of any length.

Specialist translations

We can provide specialist translations across a number of different fields and industries.

Standard translation

Translation Services for Any Use Case

Our standard translations are best used for documents that do not need to be officially certified. The most popular documents that are used with this service are the following:

  • Medical Reports
  • Marketing
  • Financial statements

If needed urgently, we can get your document translated and delivered within 12 to 24 hours depending on how quick you need your document returned.

We also offer free revisions with all our translation services.

To request a translation, please visit the “Upload Your Document” page and follow the instructions.


Frequently Asked

What is standard translation?

A standard translation of a document means the document does not need to be certified but is still translated at a high-quality level.

In what format will my translation come in?

We will deliver your translation in a word document, which you can freely edit.

How are standard translations calculated?

For a standard translation, we charge from USD 0.11 per word.

When will I receive my translation?

You will receive your translation within 5-7 days. If you need a translation urgently, then you can request for a translation to be delivered within 12 – 24 hours at an extra cost.

Do you revise the translation?

Yes. All translations come with free revisions if needed.

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